Emma Lombardi

For Emma Lombardi, Individualized Study Meant Listening to Her Ancestors

For Emma Lombardi, Individualized Study Meant Listening to Her Ancestors 

As she picked up the phone to call the main office of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, Emma Lombardi felt restless and nervous. This was the first time she called the tribal offices for reasons other than logistics. Even more nerve-wracking, this was her first attempt to connect with a part of her heritage and culture that she felt estranged from…

F. Randy Vogenberg Releases Updated Book

F. Randy Vogenberg ’81 (College, MEd) released his fully updated book titled Integrated Pharmacy Benefits for Specialty Pharmaceuticals: Access and Management, available online through the Employer Provider Council of the…

Caryn Park

Advocating to Center Equity and Cultural Awareness in Social Emotional Learning

When Caryn Park was a small child, her parents moved the family from South Korea, where she was born, to the U.S. so that they could pursue their education. While her parents were international students, Park found herself enrolled in a public school classroom in a small midwestern town. She had to learn the language, and she also had to learn, she explains today, “this whole different way of being, of relating to other people.” She learned English so well that she forgot how to speak Korean.

Maura Hart, A professional woman in a suit and black heels confidently speaking on a stage.

Cool Course: Rightful Presence in the Experiential Classroom

As a child in public school, Maura Hart never once felt safe in the classroom. She didn’t know exactly why. She just knew she wasn’t going to open her mouth. Today, Hart has a better understanding of classroom dynamics, one born of over 25 years working in the American education system. She’s been a classroom teacher and an educational consultant to school districts and state departments of education; currently, she is Assistant Director of Capacity Development at the University of Kansas’ SWIFT Education Center and Adjunct Faculty in Antioch University’s School of Education.

A notebook with a picture of a woman, amidst a field of blossoming flowers, reveling in the tranquility of the natural world.

Field Notes: For Educators, Mindfulness Goes Far Beyond “Self-Care” 

Having spent the past decade teaching mindfulness to educators from around the U.S., I’ve been watching with interest as the field has evolved swiftly from adult development and personal growth to mindfulness for teachers as a form of stress reduction, relaxation, and coping during difficult times.

A man wearing glasses sits at a desk, focused on his computer screen.

Cool Course: “5003: Foundations in Individualized Study” 

If you ever talk to a student, alum, or faculty member of Antioch’s Individualized Master of Arts, there is a high likelihood that they will bring up “FDN-5003: Foundations in Individualized Study.” This course, with its alphanumeric code that sounds like something from a Sci-Fi story, is much more than just another class.