Shameika Hanson

Climate Change Is Changing Everything. Meet the Alums Working on Adaptations.

The image we have of climate activism is often one of direct action: scientists chaining themselves to the doors of a Wells Fargo branch to encourage the bank to divest from fossil fuels; Greta Thunberg leading a school strike. But that’s not the extent of what climate activism can be. If we look closer, individuals and communities across the nation and planet are regularly making decisions in their day-to-day lives that impact climate change both today and in the future.

Alumni swim in beautiful green water

Alumni in the Galápagos

adrienne applegate The “Butterfly Tribe,” a group of Antioch alumni, posed for a photo as they snorkeled in the Galápagos islands, 560 miles west of Ecuador. They went snorkeling as…

Alumni swim in beautiful green water

Alumni Visit the Galápagos Islands

A group of ten Antioch alumni recently embarked on a journey to the Galápagos Islands, aiming to immerse themselves in a week of exploration, hands-on learning, and reconnection. These women, who affectionately refer to themselves as the “Butterfly Tribe,” are accomplished and creative educators who share a profound love for the natural world and a strong commitment to fostering ecological awareness and advocating for social change. Their friendship has endured for 25 years, bound by their shared experience as Environmental Studies students at Antioch’s New England campus.

Jennifer Keller ’21, ‘23

Jennifer Keller ’21, ‘23 (New England; MS, PhD) is an accomplished science teacher with 16 years of experience in sustainability initiatives. Her forthcoming research, “Forest Bathing Increases Adolescent Mental Wellbeing…

Jody Anastasio ‘07

Jody Anastasio ‘07 (New England, MS) led the National Park Service (NPS) team that won the 2023 NPS Excellence in Education Award. As Education Specialist at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park,…

Mike Akresh

Mike Akresh, PhD, Core Faculty in the MS in Environmental Studies and Co-Director, Antioch Spatial Analysis Lab Environmental Studies (ASAL), co-authored the paper “Habitat associations of Golden-winged Warblers and Blue-winged Warblers during the…

Owen George

Owen George, an MS in Environmental Studies, Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability program student, published the article “Climate Solutions Need Queerness” in Yes! Magazine. The article educates readers on…