Marlem Landa-Gonzalez with common threads background

Marlem Landa-Gonzalez doesn’t think managers should keep all institutional knowledge, power, and decision-making capabilities to themselves. Instead, this student in the Master of Human Services

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Reyna Grande

When Reyna Grande walked into this year’s Texas Book Festival, she was greeted with hugs and exclamations. Everywhere she went, someone was excited to see her. People knew who she was. 

This wasn’t the case ten years ago. “When my first book came out,” she says, “I was the new kid on the block. No one knew who I was.” For Grande, an alum of Antioch’s MFA in Creative Writing who now teaches in that same program, all it has taken is sixteen years of hard work, building relationships, and publishing numerous books to claim her space in the writing world.

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Kristen Frey smiling

Kirsten Frey never expected to be a professor. But with over twenty years of experience in Human Resources management, her expertise has been invaluable in

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Workshop on Decolonial Interspecies Justice Hosted on New England Campus

In September 2022, Julia Gibson, PhD, faculty in New England’s Environmental Studies program, and Will Kymlicka, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, organized a full-day workshop on Decolonial Interspecies Justice. The workshop, produced with the support of Antioch University’s Environmental Studies Department and the Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law, and Ethics research group at Queen’s University, brought together leading international scholars grappling with what it means to pursue justice for multi-species contexts and communities under settler-colonialism. Topics ranged from ableist ecologies of oppression to colonial ontologies of mosquitos, and from abolition to

Mea Ashley ’22

Mea Ashley ’22 (GSLC, PhD) recently presented her doctoral research at the Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting. The presentation, for association members including representatives from international sorority and fraternity headquarters, focused on her dissertation entitled, Because God Said So: A Thematic Analysis of Why People Denounce Black Greek-Letter Organizations which delves into the reasons why members are leaving Black Greek-Letter Organizations (BGLOs), especially in cases where the organizations find the anti-BGLO movement to be a threat to organizational vitality. Ashley is the Director of Student Life at Mississippi University for Women and specializes in student affairs, student

La’Shelle Jefferson ’22

La’Shelle Jefferson ’22 (GSLC, PhD) recently joined Central State University Faculty as full-time Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice. Read more about Dr. Jefferson and her dissertation What Factors in the Life Experience of African Americans Cause Them to Comply with or Confront Law Enforcement Officers? here.

Ileya Grosman

PhD in Leadership and Change student Ileya Grosman has been selected as the lead photographer and co-creator of “Why We Work?”, an exploratory photo essay of dignity, work, purpose, and Catholic values. By capturing people in their practice: a barber and rural veterinarian, to baker and translator, Ileya and fellow partners highlight what is true and timeless in the deeper motivations and desires of work. The project will be featured at the New York Encounter, February 17-19, 2023 in New York City.

Jill Krahwinkel

Jill Krahwinkel, PhD, Associate Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling in New England, offered two presentations at the Pennsylvania Counseling Association’s 54th annual conference, which took place from October 14th-16th of 2022. Her first educational session, How to Meet the Basic Needs of LGBTQ+ Clients Utilizing Choice Theory/Reality Therapy, and a second, round table session entitled Racial/Ethnic Experiences of Underrepresented Masters-level Students in CACREP-Accredited Counseling Programs both aimed to highlight the voices of marginalized individuals as well as educate others on the best practices in not just counseling, but also in greater academia. Both sessions were well-attended by professional counselors, counselor

Maya Townsend

PhD in Leadership and Change student Maya Townsend, Founder and Lead Consultant of Partnering Resources, delivered the keynote address, “Centering Humans: A Call for Radical Humanity at Work” at the Organizational Network Analysis Summit 2022. The conference brings together a diverse mix of voices: researchers and business analysts, human resources specialists, change management and organizational development consultants, communications specialists, and leaders of private and public organizations.  Townsend specializes in helping individuals, teams, and organizations thrive in our networked world.

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