S6 E1: Supporting Non-Traditional Learners Starts With Respecting Their Knowledge

For those of us who have been shut out of higher education in the past, the path back to being a successful student is full of obstacles. The right support can make this a little easier, though.  In this episode, we explore this question with Russell Thornhill and Kathryn Pope, the Co-Directors of the BRIDGE program on Antioch’s Los Angeles campus—a financially free program that has helped over 700 students gain experience and credit studying at the college level. We try to answer how best to support each other as we advance in knowledge and power.

Six of Our Favorite Episodes on Education for World Teacher Day

World Teachers’ Day, observed annually on October 5th, is a global event that honors the invaluable contributions of educators and teachers to society. This occasion, established by UNESCO in 1994, underscores the crucial role teachers play in shaping the future through the dissemination of knowledge and the nurturing of personal and intellectual growth in students.

Lisa Locascio Nighthawk

S5 E9: Creative Writing Offers a Chance to Take Yourself Seriously

It can be hard to find time and emotional space within our busy lives to sustain a creative writing practice. At the same time, writing offers a key space to process and make sense of our experiences. Navigating the writing life is a productive challenge, says this week’s guest Lisa Locascio Nighthawk, the Chair of the Antioch MFA in Creative Writing.