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S5 E6: To Build a Better World, Business Leaders First Have to Envision It 

As economic, environmental, and social crises accelerate, business must evolve. But how? Kenneth Baker, the co-founder, and chair of Antioch University’s MBA, has some ideas. In this conversation with guest host Jane Paul, he talks about the necessity of innovation and change for sustainability and social justice—and how a rising tide of crisis is being met by a new generation of business leaders who seek to address these issues at all scales.

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S5 E5: Cultural Self-Assessment Is a Practice With Transformative Potential

What if we took this practice of cultural self-assessment—and went further? What if we used it as a jumping off place to really develop skills to navigate cultural differences and combat discrimination? That’s what today’s guest, Mariela Marin, encourages their students in the MA in Clinical Psychology program to do.

S5E04-LaTanya White

S5 E4: Centuries of Oppression Built the Racial Wealth Gap. Can Black Entrepreneurs Heal It?

White Americans are 60% of the population but hold 84% of total U.S. wealth—while Black Americans make up 13% of the population but hold only 4% of the wealth. This injustice has many causes, but for PhD in Leadership and Change alum LaTanya White, the more interesting question is how to empower individuals to solve it for themselves and their own families.

The Seed Field Podcast, Best of with Chancellor Groves

Best Of: Why Antioch’s Chancellor Believes Universities Must Build and Protect Democracy

So today, we’re re-releasing this conversation about how Antioch University’s values of promoting social, economic, and environmental justice have been put to the test and the vital role Chancellor Groves believes higher education plays in building and maintaining democracy through educating voters and taking thoughtful stands on social injustices.