Shannon Kringen Publishes New Book of Poetry

Shannon Kringen ’13 (Seattle, UGS) published a poetry book entitled Kringonian Pizzazz: KringSPEAK Poetry Goddess KRING. The inspiration for this book was Kringen’s synesthesia, which is when your brain routes…

S6 E1: Supporting Non-Traditional Learners Starts With Respecting Their Knowledge

For those of us who have been shut out of higher education in the past, the path back to being a successful student is full of obstacles. The right support can make this a little easier, though.  In this episode, we explore this question with Russell Thornhill and Kathryn Pope, the Co-Directors of the BRIDGE program on Antioch’s Los Angeles campus—a financially free program that has helped over 700 students gain experience and credit studying at the college level. We try to answer how best to support each other as we advance in knowledge and power.

Greg Belliveau

Online undergrad faculty member Greg Belliveau recently had his book Gods of IMAGO, the second installment of his dystopian book series IMAGO, published by Rogue Phoenix Press on August 23,…

Portrait of Al Erdynast at a commencement ceremony in full regalia.

New Undergraduate Scholarship Honors Program Founder Al Erdynast

Earlier this year, Antioch University introduced a new $10,000 scholarship that will be awarded to undergraduates. Called the Undergraduate Founders Scholarship, it highlights the formative and developmental work of Al Erdynast, the first director of Antioch University’s Los Angeles campus, the founder of the undergraduate studies program there, and a key member of the faculty for fifty years and counting. 

Person sitting at desk looking at a laptop. The laptop screen is full of boxes with people's faces, like an online call is happening.

Cool Course: “Senior Project”

“We’re not reading a book and taking a test on each chapter; we’re talking about how what you’re learning impacts your life,” says Hays Moulton, Chair of Undergraduate Studies for Antioch University’s Online programs.