A header announcing a Cool Course article about Systemic and Generational Trauma, with a photo of Ángel Martinez.

Art and the Path to Healing

“I love the ways that the arts and social sciences can be brought together,” says Ángel L. Martínez, PhD, who teaches the course Systemic & Generational Trauma.

Janet Dewart Bell ’74, ’15

Janet Dewart Bell ’74, ’15 (Maryland, BA and GSLC, PhD and a member of Antioch’s Board of Governors) has launched the LEADing JUSTICE podcast. This new platform highlights the importance of courage,…

Christy Stillwell ‘98, ’99

Christy Stillwell ‘98, ’99 (Santa Barbara, BA, MA in Psychology) has been selected as the 2022 Brill Family Foundation Future Bender Fellow. Stillwell is the Founder & Executive Director of…