Building Leadership and Sustainability through Nonprofit Management

John Whittemore’s job as the Senior Director of Program Operations at Aspire Living and Learning is all about helping people reach their full potential. He takes seriously the work of helping lead an organization that for forty years has sought to bring person-centered support to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, behavioral health challenges, and complex medical needs.

Antioch Voices, Sierra Nicole

Don’t forget the “PI” in AAPI

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is upon us. On one hand, this month is an opportunity to remember the history, pain, and joy experienced by both communities. However, on the other hand, quite often, it feels as though the “Pacific Islander” part of the acronym is a forgotten add-on.

Justine Ang Fonte

Justine Ang Fonte Shares Expertise on Hulu’s Planet Sex

Justine Ang Fonte, an award-winning educator on Sexual Education and Antioch University faculty member, appeared as an expert in the hit TV docuseries Planet Sex with Cara Delevigne. In the episode titled “Pornucopia,” she discusses the importance of Sex Education and Porn Literacy—topics she teaches about in Antioch’s Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education programs.

Ryan Gallagher smiling on light purple background

The Fulfilling Work of Fundraising for Nonprofits

Ryan Gallagher loves to talk about raising money for cancer research and treatment. Sure, it’s his job, but in everything he says, you can hear his passion for supporting this life-saving work. He brings this heart and hard work to everything he does in the world, including advocating for LGBTQIA+ issues and currently studying sustainable business as a student at Antioch University’s Master of Business Administration. 

Two Decades of Leadership and Change

“Would it be possible to create a low-residency doctoral program?” The idea was enticing. It would allow leaders from all across the country and internationally to enroll, studying at a distance and then gathering four times a year for in-person residencies.