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“Lipstick Football” Speaker Leads Continuing Ed Seminar

In a recent online Continuing Education event, Diana Weynand shared her motivational mashup of football with the acronym LIPSTICK, can help people learn how to achieve goals and dreams while having fun. Weynand is the author of the book Lipstick Football, which lays out the core ideas behind her method. This motivational event encouraged participants to reinforce good thoughts and examine what we repeatedly do—so that we can identify when there should be a change, and then, find the right way to execute that change.

Diana Weynand smiling
Diana Weynand

What is the Lipstick Football Method? In this event, titled “Learn to Win and Achieve Your Dreams Using The Lipstick Football Method,” Weynand explained that LIPSTICK stands for: Leap, Immerse, Play, Shine, Track, Initiate, Condition, & Kick. These, she said, are the essential lessons of the game of American football, but she emphasizes that they are simple yet effective life principles that help people take control of their lives and “work toward a winning season.” Sometimes you get tackled and want to give up, walk off the field and move on, she said, but exercising the LIPSTICK principles can help individuals stay on the field. Her method aims to help individuals clarify dreams and create solid plans to achieve them. 

Weynand gave an example of how football players suit up to protect their vulnerabilities. She asked, will football players ever take the field without getting into uniform first? Absolutely not. So she encouraged participants to act like football players: when they step onto their playing fields, they need to suit up before they take action. “Pad yourself!”

Weynand ended her presentation by saying, “I want you to feel the joy of pursuing your goals.” She emphasized that people don’t need to know anything about football to understand her insights and methods about how football can be a motivational tool. 

The free event was offered on October 24 as part of Antioch Continuing Education’s extensive listings of seminars, webinars, and online courses. Visit Antioch Continuing Education’s website to learn about future offerings of this course.