Lezlie Kinyon ’85


Lezlie Kinyon ‘85 (BA, Seattle) will have her eco-speculative fiction short story “The First Song of Janna Farwind” published in December 2022. It will be featured in the Seasons Unceasing anthology by Worldsmyths Publishing in Edmonton, Canada. This story comes from a mother-daughter writing collaboration after the story’s protagonist appeared to Kinyon one day while planning a trip to Sequoia National Park. There are several more eco-fiction stories to come in 2023—and yes, there are dragons!

Kinyon is a poet, artist, and scholar of the humanities. Since her time at Antioch, she has lived in Berkeley, California, where she edits Coreopsis Journal of Myth & Theatre. She’s been known to write poetry and can be found under the handle @LezliethePoet on Twitter and Instagram.