Grad Decade: 2010s

Robert Morgan Fisher ’14

Robert Morgan Fisher ’14 (Los Angeles, MFA) is 2nd Place Runner-up for the Saturday Evening Post 2021 Great American Fiction Prize, his story “Pipe Dream Paste” will appear in the magazine in early 2021 and in the digital anthology. His story “Superlative” appears in Feral Cat Publisher’s new anti-fascist anthology Dear Leader Tales and he has stories in the current issues of Cowboy Jamboree Magazine, The Wild Word, Blood and Bourbon Magazine, Grey Thoughts, Pandemic Publications, and Upstreet.

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Mindy Velasco ’19

Mindy Velasco ’19 (Los Angeles, MA) serves as California Program Manager for the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership.

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Michelle Suzanne Snyder ’19

Michelle Suzanne Snyder ’19 (Los Angeles, MA) began working as an arts educator at CSU-Long Beach. She also launched her own business, DreamOut People’s Project, a customized workshop that blends oral history, writing, and visual art for community building.

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Andrew Parsons ’19

Andrew Parsons ’19 (Seattle, MA) received the Teacher of the Year award at Park Orchard Elementary School in the Kent School District for the 2019-2020 school year.

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Sabrina Moore ’19

Sabrina Moore ’19 (Los Angeles, MA) is now working as a Development Associate at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. The position supports the director, campaign committees, and the board.

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Erica Charis Molling ’19

Erica Charis Molling ’19 (Los Angeles, MFA) produced and launched “In This Place (An American Lyric),” a video featuring recitations of National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman and 16 other poets.

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Cristina Medina ’19

Cristina Medina ’19 (Los Angeles, MFA) was selected as a finalist for North America Review’s James Hearst Poetry Prize by Guest Judge Ilya Kaminsky for her poem “Etymology of a Name.”

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Dr. Lindsay Lyons ’19

Dr. Lindsay Lyons ’19 (GSLC, PhD) co-authored “Building the Capacity for Student Leadership in High School: A Review of Organizational Mechanisms from the Field of Student Voice” that was published in the Journal of Educational Administration.

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Julia Caroline Knowlton ’19

Julia Caroline Knowlton ’19 (Los Angeles, MFA) depicts survival from illness and sexual violence, and also paints a portrait of the artist striving to find living, literary mothers and sisters in her new book One Clean Feather (2019). In poems “sharp as silver, clean and stunning” Knowlton invites her readers on a flight from darkness into the light of autonomy, poetry, and hope—“the thing with feathers.”

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Grad Decades: 2010s
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