Onita Morgan-Edwards and Whitney Bell Publish Anthology

a gathering of flowers An Anthology in Essay, alight blue book jacket with flowers in a postal box. Edited by Onita Morgan-Edwards and Whitney Bell.

Onita Morgan-Edwards ’17 (Midwest, BA in Management) and Whitney Bell ‘16 (Midwest, MA in Creative Writing) published A Gathering of Flowers: An Anthology in Essay, a collection of essays from women with varied experiences and storytelling journeys.

“Whitney Bell and I put together an anthology of essays by nine women, including me, that cover a range of topics written around words with the prefix com,” said Morgan-Edwards. “Community, Competent, Compliment, Companionship, Compartments, Combustion, Complications, Communion, and a Comet give the reader a glimpse into the inner workings of each writer.”

Kate Geiselman, Editor of Flights Literary Magazine, describes the anthology as “a moving collection of essays where nine women share stories of reinventing themselves. Sometimes lyrical, sometimes brutal, often both, these diverse voices explore themes ranging from learning to accept love, to changing careers, to navigating through grief and generational trauma. These writers demonstrate that while ‘today bears the weight of yesterday,’ healing and survival are not only possible but potent.”

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