Aperr Naadzenga Nominated to the United Nations Roster of Experts

Aperr Naadzenga ’19 (New England, MS) was nominated to the United Nations Roster of Experts for his home country, Nigeria. Carefully drawn from around the world, each expert consistently receives training on a regular basis to be able to fit into the responsibilities and the status of an expert reviewer, to be qualified to undertake a technical analysis of biennial transparency reports submitted by countries around the world to provide updates on their commitment to achieving the goals of the Paris agreement.

Naadzenga says, “I cannot agree with Antioch more, that the world truly needs us now, in whatever area of expertise we have received from Antioch University. This also goes to the current learning community of students to keep working hard at every assignment, incorporating all the feedback received from the faculty teaching each course. Their insights are next to none.”