Shameika Hanson

Climate Change Is Changing Everything. Meet the Alums Working on Adaptations.

The image we have of climate activism is often one of direct action: scientists chaining themselves to the doors of a Wells Fargo branch to encourage the bank to divest from fossil fuels; Greta Thunberg leading a school strike. But that’s not the extent of what climate activism can be. If we look closer, individuals and communities across the nation and planet are regularly making decisions in their day-to-day lives that impact climate change both today and in the future.

Alumni swim in beautiful green water

Alumni in the Galápagos

adrienne applegate The “Butterfly Tribe,” a group of Antioch alumni, posed for a photo as they snorkeled in the Galápagos islands, 560 miles west of Ecuador. They went snorkeling as…

A notebook with a picture of a woman, amidst a field of blossoming flowers, reveling in the tranquility of the natural world.

Field Notes: For Educators, Mindfulness Goes Far Beyond “Self-Care” 

Having spent the past decade teaching mindfulness to educators from around the U.S., I’ve been watching with interest as the field has evolved swiftly from adult development and personal growth to mindfulness for teachers as a form of stress reduction, relaxation, and coping during difficult times.

bria stare Co-Authors Article

bria stare, PhD, faculty in the New England Clinical Mental Health Counseling Department, published an article through Centers for American Indian & Alaska Native Health. The article is entitled Trickster…