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Part 4: Voices from AUNE PsyD Graduates in the Time of the Pandemic

The PsyD Program in New England was so pleased to have heard from our graduates during the time of the pandemic. This week they are featuring two alumni from rural outposts on opposite sides of the country. Both are almost as far north as one can go in the continental United States—Vermont and Washington.

“I am grateful to see the depth of clinical work that our graduates do, especially during this time,” said Dr. Lorraine Mangione, Professor and Director of Practica. “Katie Eastman (Antioch University New England, PsyD ’97) wrote to me in response to a posting from APA that I had sent out, even before my request went out to graduates for their words of wisdom.”

“I have used my Antioch PsyD in so many ways and every day I am grateful for that education,” wrote Dr. Eastman.

She shared an eloquent blog post that really brings in loss and grief, and a more metaphysical or spiritual side of our work, during this time. Her focus on Connection, Compassion, and Community really speak to Antioch’s values.

Dr. Stephen Broer (Antioch University New England, PsyD ’00) wrote from northern Vermont where he has lived and worked for many years and has been involved with designing and implementing services to a rural community, a typically underserved demographic. Dr. Broer has always been attuned to inequities in the healthcare delivery system, some of which are becoming more apparent with the pandemic. He is currently the Director of the Behavioral Health Services Division and has been a great connection to northern Vermont for us over the years.