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Part 5: Voices from AUNE PsyD Graduates in the Time of the Pandemic

Dr. Kristi Webb (Antioch University New England, PsyD ’99) started in the Master’s in Counseling Psych program at Antioch New England in 1991 and graduated in 1993. In those days students were required to take a year off before entering the PsyD program, so she started her PsyD in 1994. She has a vibrant practice in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a newly published book on homework and DBT, and has recently contributed to our former Antioch colleague Dr. Michael Conforti’s Jungian center, The Assisi Institute, in Mystic, CT on The Archetype of Ethics.

On the other side of the country we have Dr. Shoshana Kerewsky (Antioch University New England, PsyD ’98) who has been teaching, writing, and seeing clients in Eugene, Oregon, for many years. With the pandemic, she has had to cut back on teaching as universities have cut back. Given this new reality, she is expanding her clinical practice and comments: “I’m happy to be in such a versatile profession, and to have attended a doctoral program that trained me so well.”

The pictures below that she sent are both meditative and spectacular.

Shoshana KerewskyShoshana Kerewsky hiking


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