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Antioch Sends Big Delegation to NCSPP Conference 

The PsyD programs based on Antioch’s New England and Seattle campuses sent six faculty and one student to the midwinter conference of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP), the premier conference for professional psychological training programs. The conference was held on January 15-18 in Denver, Colorado. In a special honor, third-year doctoral student Emerald Ralston was one of only six student delegates chosen to attend the conference nationwide. 

Kate Evarts in her classroom. A diverse group of individuals sitting at tables in a classroom, engaged in a learning environment.

For Kate Evarts, Relationships Are “The Key to Working Toward Social and Racial justice”

Kate Evarts incorporates the principles of social justice into every aspect of her work. This is a practice she has carried from her time earning a PsyD in Clinical Psychology at Antioch’s New England campus all the way to today, when she serves as Core Faculty and Director of Student Affairs in that same PsyD program.

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PsyD Students Present at Washington State Psychological Association Convention

A group of student researchers from the Seattle PsyD in Clinical Psychology presented their research at the Washington State Psychological Association Convention on October 13 and 14, 2023. They presented three posters. Two explored the topic of reproductive justice through a psychological lens. These were titled “Colonialism, Control, and Copulation: A Primer on Reproductive Justice” and “Reproductive Justice: A Phenomenological Exploration of Female Sterilization.” A third poster, “Pathways to the Therapist Paragon: A Decolonial Grounded Theory,” explored how privilege and the idea of an ideal therapist could be damaging to therapists of color and to the non-white clients of white therapists.

Antioch Voices Kevin Niehaus

Sharing You: A National Coming Out Story

Sitting there wanting to share your truth, choking on the words that describe your true self. Fear races through your mind that you may not be enough for them to stay. Your truth, a deep vulnerability, is not enough. A simple comment is like pulling tar from your mouth. “This moment is perfect,” you think to yourself,