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Dr. Brian Zuzelo to Speak at PsyD’s June Colloquium

The PsyD in Clinical Psychology program in New England is honored to announce Dr. Brian Zuzelo as the guest lecturer for the program’s colloquium on Monday, June 14. Dr. Zuzelo’s presentation will be on the Supervision of Trainees Providing Therapy for PTSD in VA Training Programs.

“We are delighted to have Dr. Brian Zuzelo come back to speak with us about working with veterans with PTSD,” says Dr. Lorraine Mangione, Professor of Clinical Psychology. “He is dedicated to veterans and to training students at the VA, and he was a wonderful student during his time at Antioch.”

Dr. Zuzelo is a supervisor of trainees at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital (otherwise known as the Bedford VA) where he has been since 2008. He has been a Home Based Primary Care Psychologist and Director of the Geropsychology Outpatient Clinic and a member of the Geropsychology Training Program that began in 2009. He has extensive knowledge of working with older veterans and veterans with PTSD.

He was invited to speak at the colloquium by Dr. Monique Bowen, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology. A 2006 alum of the PsyD program, Dr. Zuzelo will also present to the 4th year class on his work at the VA and teach a weekend course, “Psychology for Veterans,” in the fall.