John Thomas

Education Alum Nominated for Teacher of the Year

Alum John Thomas ‘04 (Antioch University New England, MEd) was nominated for the 2022 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year.

John, who teaches elementary students at the Wells Memorial School in Harrisville, says “Don’t make your students do something. Make your students WANT to do something by immersing them in meaningful, challenging, and enjoyable learning experiences.”

Each year, the Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education selects one exceptionally skilled and dedicated teacher to serve as an ambassador for all the excellent teachers in our state. Selecting a Teacher of the Year is an exceptional way to celebrate the many outstanding and dedicated people teaching in New Hampshire schools.

“I don’t see myself as only a teacher, but also a facilitator of knowledge – a co-learner who creates an active environment and embraces student’s prior knowledge and unique learning styles while I learn more about my students. We must help our students be their best selves.”