Pam Viscione Receives Humanitarian of the Year

Pam Viscione ‘22 (GSLC, PhD), President and CEO of Leadership and Change Consulting, received the esteemed title of Humanitarian of the Year from Northern Kentucky University. This recognition aligns with…

John Littlewolf Joined The Nature Conservancy

John Littlewolf ‘20 (GSLC, PhD) joined The Nature Conservancy as the new Tribal Nations and Indigenous Communities Partnership Director. Learn more about Littlewolf and read his dissertation Police Officer Trauma…

One Good Point... Amy Rutstein-Riley

One Good Point… Amy Rutstein-Riley

Hi, I’m Dr. Amy Rutstein-Riley, Associate Dean of Antioch’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change and Director of the PhD program of the same name. I’m an interdisciplinary social scientist concerned with girls’ and women’s identity development.