Andrea Hernandez Rodriguez Provides Care, Supplies, and Resources to Wildfire Survivors

Andrea Hernandez Rodriguez

Andrea Hernandez Rodriguez ‘14 (GSLC, PhD) President of Growing Giving, has been on the ground providing care, supplies, and resources to wildfire survivors and others impacted on the Island of Maui. In addition to facilitating trauma-informed counseling through her organization, she joined the Maui Medic Healers Hui to create Kānaka Maoli-led spaces for healing. She has supported the development of the Maui Organizer Mālama Fund, resourcing local Maui community organizers and centering native Hawai’ian leadership. Hernandez Rodriguez specializes in trauma-informed, conflict transformation centering race; intergenerational giving that shares power with young people; and holding compassionate change for leaders in times of transition and crisis. Learn more about her impactful work here.

Read Hernandez Rodriguez’s dissertation Effective Networked Nonprofit Organizations: Defining the Behavior and Creating an Instrument for Measurement here.