Erica Holmes Publishes Groundbreaking Book

Erica Holmes, PsyD, Associate Program Chair and the Director of the Psychological Trauma Studies Specialization in the MA in Clinical Psychology program at the Los Angeles campus, has published Black…

Kyoko Robertson

Clinical Mental Health Counseling in New England student Kyoko Robertson has been appointed as the graduate student representative for the Association of Counseling, Sexology, and Sexual Wellness (ACSSW). ACSSW’s core mission is recognizing…

Antioch Voices Jenn Kennedy

Lesbian Mental Health is Marginalized—This LGBT History Month Let’s Change That

I returned to graduate school at age 40 to pursue a career as a therapist. It has always been a secret desire of mine, and when I unexpectedly lost my mother, I decided that this was the time to do everything I’ve always wanted to do. I knew returning to academia as an older adult would be challenging in various ways; however, it was undoubtedly the best decision.

Cathy Lounsbury Featured in Counseling Today Article

Professor and Chair of New England’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program Cathy Lounsbury EdD, LCPC was featured in the cover story of Counseling Today: “Growing Awareness for Trauma-informed Care.” In Lounsbury’s view, a significant number of clients…

Antioch Voices Kevin Niehaus

Sharing You: A National Coming Out Story

Sitting there wanting to share your truth, choking on the words that describe your true self. Fear races through your mind that you may not be enough for them to stay. Your truth, a deep vulnerability, is not enough. A simple comment is like pulling tar from your mouth. “This moment is perfect,” you think to yourself,

Anthony Pennant ’22

Anthony Pennant, LMFT, PhD ’22 (New England, PhD in Couple and Family Therapy), Associate Chair of the Couple and Family Therapy program in Seattle, was featured in the episode Socially…

Bruce Springsteen on stage holding hands with a woman in the crowd.

PsyD Professor Publishes Book on Bruce Springsteen’s Women Fans

From Beatlemania to the BTS Army, musical fandom has long included girls and women—and for just as long, there’s been a stereotype of female fans as full of lust for the male objects of their obsession. But is this a fair description? And how should we understand older female fans, the ones who have been a fan for decades?