bria stare Co-Authors Article

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bria stare, PhD, faculty in the New England Clinical Mental Health Counseling Department, published an article through Centers for American Indian & Alaska Native Health. The article is entitled Trickster Discourse and American Indian Identity in Counselor Education: A Critical Phenomenological Inquiry, and it is co-authored by Stephenie N. Wescoup, MEd.

In this qualitative study, authors explored an American Indian student’s experiences of colonization within a master’s counselor education program. Findings outlined counselor education’s assimilative capacity and Indigenous resistance to assimilation. Themes included “Confronting the Threat” and “Being Too Indian.” The authors discussed implications for counselor educators and multicultural education specifically.

The article was published through The Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health (CAIANH), which was established in 1986 and is the largest, most comprehensive, and longest-standing program of its kind in the country. They house numerous projects funded by a wide range of private, state, and federal agencies, and partner with human service organizations in more than 200 urban, rural, and reservation communities.

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