Beth Dennison Releases “The Co-Regulation Revolution”

Beth Dennison ’10 (New England, MA), a master somatic psychotherapist and author based in Massachusetts, released The Co-Regulation Revolution in September 2023, which recently achieved the status of #1 New Release in Clinical Psychology on Amazon.

This publication combines co-regulation theory and applied psychology with simple practices for immediate use, marking the latest addition to Dennison’s lifelong study of shame, healthy relationships, embodiment, and clinical trauma work.

In The Co-Regulation Revolution, Dennison gives practitioners clear maps, concrete tools, and videos to:

  • Heal from shame and developmental trauma with safe, appropriate, embodied connection.
  • Build greater capacity for co-regulation and resilience at the nervous system level.
  • Replace compulsive competition for status on the ladder of white supremacy culture with healthy peer relationships.
  • Prevent burnout – because co-regulation is only co-regulation when it is good for both people.

With over five decades of expertise in teaching, psychotherapy, and neuroscience, Dennison pioneers innovative learning experiences aimed at rewiring brains for connection and co-regulation. Leveraging her extensive professional and personal background, she addresses prevalent issues such as loneliness, isolation, dysregulation, and a lack of cooperation in modern Western culture.

“In therapy and in life, we can rewire our nervous systems for mutual regulation (co-regulation). This is essential for authentic, embodied relating, healing PTSD, effective collaboration, and building our capacity for social justice.”

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