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Lesbian Mental Health is Marginalized—This LGBT History Month Let’s Change That

I returned to graduate school at age 40 to pursue a career as a therapist. It has always been a secret desire of mine, and when I unexpectedly lost my mother, I decided that this was the time to do everything I’ve always wanted to do. I knew returning to academia as an older adult would be challenging in various ways; however, it was undoubtedly the best decision.

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S5 E5: Cultural Self-Assessment Is a Practice With Transformative Potential

What if we took this practice of cultural self-assessment—and went further? What if we used it as a jumping off place to really develop skills to navigate cultural differences and combat discrimination? That’s what today’s guest, Mariela Marin, encourages their students in the MA in Clinical Psychology program to do.

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S3E2: In Place of Fear and Shame, We Need Sex-Positive Education

Sexual education is extremely important and we need more of it. In the second episode of our mini-series about human sexuality we talk with Dr. Theodore Burns about the need for educators to go beyond the “SexEd” class, incorporating open and sex-positive discussions about sexuality, and gender also across young people’s educations. Dr. Burns, a therapist and educator specializing in sexuality and gender, shares with us key strategies to create culturally responsive, sex-positive learning environments that make children safer.