Marina Masaki

Leveraging Her Identity and Experience, Marina Masaki Brings Mental Health Awareness to Asian-American Communities  

When she was a kid, Marina Masaki’s family didn’t talk openly about sex. This wasn’t unusual for a young person growing up in the U.S., and in particular in Japanese-American families like the one she grew up in. Sexuality is a subject that many parents are uncomfortable discussing with their children—even if this reticence puts them at risk later on.

seven people standing together around a sign reporting new housing units, all smiling, some holding shovels

Cool Course: “How to Address Homelessness in Your Town”

It’s common to hear people say that housing is a human right, yet by many estimates, over half a million Americans experience housing insecurity every year. “It’s time to create a groundswell of interest in this topic in this country,” says Charles Durrett, an architect, activist, builder of cohousing communities globally, and instructor of the upcoming four-week Continuing Education course at Antioch, “How to Address Homelessness in Your Town,”…

PsyD Retiring Alumni

Four Corners of the New England PsyD Program—How Antioch Shaped Lifelong Careers That Changed Lives

For nearly forty years, Clinical Psychology has been taught at the doctoral level on Antioch’s New England campus. Over those years, the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) has gained a reputation for its community of active, engaged, and socially conscious faculty and students.