Disruption and Innovation: Several Faculty and Students Present at NCSPP’s Annual Conference

Kathi Borden, Lorraine Mangione, and Elizabeth Fuss (Year III PsyD student) are doing Women at Work as Disruptors and Innovators which will look at women in the workplace through a lens that includes history, an older women’s research project, and views of millennial women about the work world and their relationship to it.

Kathi Borden will also present NCSPP: A History of Disruption with Drs. Luli Emmons and Joseph Bascuas. The presentation discusses key historical disruptions of the status quo by NCSPP, and incorporates data from past leaders regarding future opportunities for NCSPP to influence professional psychology education and training.

Roger L. Peterson, Christopher Defossez, Monica Duffield, Teresa Hoffman, Randal Williams (Year III PsyD students) (after Peterson, alphabetical order), all from Antioch University New England,  and Gilbert Newman from the Wright Institute will present on “Donald R. Peterson as a Disrupter of Clinical Psychology Training.” Don invented and developed the Psy.D. in professional psychology and was a creative and influential leader in many areas.

Gilbert Newman and Roger L. Peterson

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