Naomi Nightingale ’14

Naomi Nightingale ’14 (GSLC, PhD) established the Oakwood Preservation Coalition (OPC), a nonprofit corporation created to develop, uphold and support social, educational, economic, and environmental justice in the historic Black coastal community of Oakwood in Venice, California, and to build a coalition of organizations to support the mission of Oakwood Preservation Coalition. The organization’s first project is to build a Community Honors Walk to memorialize individuals who have made outstanding social justice, cultural or historical contributions to the Venice community. Nightingale works alongside fellow PhD in Leadership and Change learning community member Jay Jolliffe, who serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors and brings a wealth of experiences in market research and ethnic consulting.

Read more about Nightingale and her dissertation African American Men Who Give Voice to the Personal Transition from Criminality to Desistance here.