Laura Santana ’09

A photo of Laura Santana smiling

Laura Santana ’09 (GSLC, PhD) has embarked upon a multi-year Organization Development partnership with Menorca Inmobiliario Housing provider in Latin America. Headquartered in Peru and achieving B-Corp Status, they disrupt the market by designing and building sustainable dwellings which advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, sustain environment, increase education, and provide clean water as they serve those invisible to current banking and housing industry practices. In her role, Laura collaborates with the entire C-Suite and is Executive Coach for the President and Chief Legal Advisor. She also continues as faculty and coach with Tsinghua University’s (Beijing) Schwartzman Scholars Master’s program building understanding across cultures.

Read more about Santana and her dissertation Making the Value of Development Visible: A Sequential Mixed Methodology Study of the Integral Impact of Post-Classroom Leader and Leadership Development here.