Kimberly Yost Publishes New Book “Courageous Companions: Followership in Doctor Who”

Courageous Companions: Followership in Doctor Who book Jacket by Kimberly Yost

Kimberly Yost ’12 (GSLC, PhD) has published her newest book, Courageous Companions: Followership in Doctor Who (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2024).

Yost is Assistant Professor of Management at Pennsylvania Western University. She is a leadership studies scholar and educator whose research and teaching centers on the ways popular culture can influence how we think and feel about leaders and leadership to help others develop their leadership capabilities to meet the challenges of our time. She is also the author of Starship Captains and Galactic Rebels: Leaders in Science Fiction Television, as well as authoring contributions to several volumes exploring leadership and popular culture.

Learn more about Yost and read her dissertation A Search for Home: Navigating Change in Battlestar Galactica here.