Shannon Kringen Publishes New Book of Poetry

Shannon Kringen holding her book Kringonian Pizzazz Book Jacket KringSpeak Goddess Kring by Shannon Kringen

Shannon Kringen ’13 (Seattle, UGS) published a poetry book entitled Kringonian Pizzazz: KringSPEAK Poetry Goddess KRING. The inspiration for this book was Kringen’s synesthesia, which is when your brain routes sensory information through multiple unrelated senses, causing you to experience more than one sense simultaneously. Some examples include tasting words or linking colors to numbers and letters.

“My time at Antioch Seattle helped form the groundwork from which I published this new poetry book,” says Kringen.

This poetry book is a follow-up to her multi-media art book aRt, Identity, and the Sacred, which explores art as a spiritual practice.

Kringen grew up in San Diego, California, and Whidbey Island, Washington. She is a self-taught photographer and poet with a background in graphic design. She has worked as a figure model in Seattle since 1992.