Kate Carter ’94

Covenant Book Cover

Kate Carter, ’94 (Midwest, MA) passed away of Covid in 2020. Her book, Covenant, was published posthumously in Kate’s memory, by her partner of 25 years, Yvonne Lutter ’99 (New England, PsyD) in her memory. This never-before-published collection of elegantly crafted, masterful poems was written over 30 years ago by a then-aspiring graduate student.

Covenant is a story of love and redemption. Carter’s impressive poetic talent transforms the ugly banality of personal confession into a sublime gift of love with a capital L. Drawing on Celtic traditions, Carter weaves the commonplace story of our brokenness through the strength of human resilience to the universal and awe-inspiring story of our shared divinity, a union that knows no bounds. This trove of poems, now recovered and brought to light, fulfills the promise of a lover’s memory.