Inspiration2Publication Provides Affordable Online Writing Classes and Writing Coaches

Inspiration2publication-writing, classes, focusInspiration2Publication, an online program that provides affordable writing classes and writing coaching, is now part of Antioch’s University-wide extended education programs. Once part of the MFA in Creative Writing Program at the Los Angeles campus, Inspiration2Publication is under the broad supervision of Dr. Terry Ratcliff, Provost for Distance and Extended Education.

“We’re entering our sixth year of offerings and the range of classes, the scope and character of our faculty teaching those classes, is greater than ever at our new platform under the umbrella of Extended Education,” said Ken Pienkos, Program Coordinator for Continuing Education with AU Online and Extended Education and former Instruction Librarian at Antioch University Los Angeles.

Designed to appeal to writers at all stages of their career, from raw beginners to experienced professionals working on their second or third books, Inspiration2Publication offers two and four-week classes, one-on-one tutoring and book coaching. The generative classes help students create real pieces and provide the tools to help them ready for publication. The professional development classes provide practical tools to support communications and writing narratives.

“Stories are so important to our cultural growth to our social dynamics and we want to craft them with you,” added Pienkos.

The mission of Inspiration2Publication is to provide affordable online writing classes and writing coaches for the widest possible range of writers in every writing community. The roster of faculty has expanded to nearly twenty dynamic authors and acclaimed published writers, many of whom are alumni of Antioch University from all subject areas.

Inspiration2publication has recently debuted a community forum. “All writers are invited to share, to workshop, to engage in peer-to-peer critique, and to build and grow as writers in a community that will continue to support and nurture,” added Pienkos.

Inspiration2Publication offers writing classes for everyone; beginning and advanced classes in fiction, non-fiction, & poetry, as well as classes in professional, business, and academic development. “We all have a story to tell and these stories today are more critical than ever,” said Pienkos. “Inspiration2Publication can help you tell your story through our classes.”

These are a few of the upcoming classes taught by Antioch Alum and published authors aligned with our values:

Andrea_Tate A Writing Practice with Andrea Tate (AUO CRW 2020)

Jumpstart your writing practice and produce real results. Join published writer/professor Andrea Tate, MFA, in an online community that promises to motivate you into creating a writing practice that works.


Marcia MeierWriting to Create a Joy-filled Life with Marcia Meier

This course offers new ways to approach life and its sometimes difficult moments through a writing practice focused on gratitude. Using some of the classic texts on this (Writing Down the Bones, Simple Abundance, The Artist’s Way), students will engage in a daily writing practice over four weeks intended to open the writer up to new possibilities and a way of viewing life with gratitude and joy.


Diane V. CapaldiWriting Your Life Narrative with Diane V. Capaldi (AUO CRW 3030)

We all have a story in our mind that shaped a part of our life and yet is still troubling to recall.

  • What if we could change that story?
  • What if we could create a new narrative?

Working from our own life experience we will embark on a journey of re-creating a life narrative and transform the experience into a power stance. By using narrative fiction as a guide to rewrite the memory you will recreate the experience giving new meaning to your life story. Structuring this new narrative into fiction often aids in healing life trauma.

Robert Morgan FisherVeterans and Dependents – a one hour free class via Zoom (AUO CRW 1950)

Growing up the son of a warrior, Robert Morgan Fisher has special insight into the artistic needs and potential of the military mind. He has created a program that teaches the craft and business of writing. In this one-hour free class, Robert will share:

  • His own personal anecdotes about teaching veterans and dependents.
  • Recommended reading.
  • The basics of starting and running a workshop.
  • Why the voices of those associated with the military are so important to our national literary conversation.
  • Helping participants decide which genre (fiction, essay, poetry, scripts) they might want to explore.

“Our goal is the inspiration to publish,” said Pienkos. “We want to guarantee that these stories, your stories, make it into the world. Our values are grounded in social justice, tolerance, and inclusion. We welcome everyone and support unique, personal, and human narrative in creative, business, and academic writing.”

For more information on inspiration2publication visit or email Ken Pienkos at [email protected]. He will personally answer your questions and encourage you to join this brilliant community of writers, of storytellers, of agents of social change spawned from the legacy that is Antioch.