Christine Copeland ‘91

Autumn in the Forest Book Cover

Christine Copeland ‘91 (New England, MEd) recently completed a four-book series for young readers entitled Seasons in the Forest: Field Guides for Little Naturalists, which was designed to introduce the youngest readers to the magic of the deciduous forest in the American Northeast. These books captivate readers by vividly depicting life in the forest’s diverse layers, from the vibrant high canopy to the mysterious forest floor, inspiring children to explore both above and below during their hikes. The final book, Summer in the Forest, was released on July 4, 2023. Autumn in the Forest received the prestigious Gold Prize from Reader’s Choice Books for Children.

Copeland’s work draws heavily from her education at Antioch and her BFA from Cornell. Both author and illustrator, Copeland merges her passion for painting with her dedication to nature-based education.

David Sobel, her mentor at Antioch, shared his enthusiastic endorsement: “This book is spectacular. The books in the series are enchanting. The illustrations are completely engaging and young-child-friendly.” Jon Leibowitz, the Executive Director of Northeast Wilderness Trust, emphasized that reading this series with the children goes beyond enjoying a beautiful book; “It is about nurturing a connection to wild places and wildlife.”

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