Cara Meixner ‘08

Cara Meixner ‘08 (GSLC, PhD) recently presented “Methods Braiding and Diffractive Analysis: Two Approaches to Revisiting Researcher Positionality” at the QRM Conference in Albuquerque. Additionally, the integrated qualitative methods course/text that she authored as qualitative content expert for the American Psychological Association’s (APA) PsychLearn was just made available through an APA partnership with edX, an online course provider created by Harvard and MIT. It is now a stand-alone course on their platform.

Meixner also co-authored the chapter, “Mixed Methods Research in Global Public Health” in the Handbook of Social Sciences and Global Public Health (Springer, 2023).

Learn more about Meixner and read her dissertation Evolving Learning: Educators’ Inner Experiences of Engaging in Service-Learning with Undergraduates here.