Jude Bergkamp ’98, ’10

Jude Bergkamp hands in pocket in front of a window

Seattle’s PsyD in Clinical Psychology Program Chair and Core Faculty Jude Bergkamp, PsyD, ’98, ‘10 (Seattle, MA in Psychology, PsyD) was invited last month by the Wright Institute to provide a continuing education workshop entitled “Untangling Our Colonial Roots: Tracking the Colonial Influences in Contemporary Clinical Psychology.” This seven-hour workshop held on April 29 was focused on decoloniality, with an exploration of the colonial roots in the field of clinical psychology. 

Approved by the American Psychological Association, the Wright Institute offers not only continuing education hours for professionals but also a breadth of programs for prospective students in counseling and psychology, which aim to foster critical thinking and creative problem-solving with a dedication to society and the diverse communities within.

Bergkamp is the Director of Antioch’s Decoloniality and Social Privilege Awareness Initiative.