Alex Shevrin Venet ‘14

Alex Shevrin Venet ‘14 (New England, MEd) is an educator, professional learning facilitator, and writer. She is also a widely respected expert in the field of trauma-informed education and author of Equity-Centered Trauma-Informed Education (Norton, 2021). She utilizes her expertise on her site, Unconditional Learning, where she help teachers connect theory to practice to create equity-centered trauma-informed schools. Her latest post is titled “What about the other kids in the room?” 

Venet says, “Our students need us to help them understand what it means when a classmate is struggling. They need us to create space and hear how they felt, and validate their emotions. They need help understanding why a situation got so big and scary all of a sudden. They need to hear us say that their classmate is getting the support they need (and mean it), and to hear us say that their classmate is still a cherished member of our community (and mean it- more on this in a moment). Young children are capable of these conversations, and we owe it to them to slow down and have them.”

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