New Dissertation Examines Change in Church Congregations

PhD in Leadership and Change alumna Dr. Courtny Davis Olds has published her dissertation entitled, Perspectives from the Pew: A Phenomenological Exploration of Congregants’ Experiences of Change in Their Churches. This new study provides insights that can inform both congregational change endeavors and church leadership practices, as well as future research.

Dr. Davis Olds has 15 years of experience in healthcare and 11 years of experience in ministry, often working simultaneously in the different fields. As a physical therapist, she has focused her practice on treating underserved and medically complex populations in rural, urban, and international settings. An ordained minister in the American Baptist Churches USA, she has held leadership positions in local congregations and the denomination’s mission agency, and has taught seminary courses on an adjunct basis. Most recently, she has assisted churches, faith organizations, and nonprofits with discernment, strategic planning, change management, staff development, and leadership transitions.