New Alumna Dissertation Highlights Impact of Pandemic Era Video Communication

Betty JohnsonPresident of Bridging the Difference, LLC, and PhD in Leadership and Change alumna Dr. Betty Johnson has just published her dissertation entitled, Video Meetings in a Pandemic Era: Emotional Exhaustion, Stressors, and CopingThis exploratory mixed-methods study aims to address, in part, the scientific knowledge gap regarding video meetings as a source of emotional labor. This new publication is particularly timely given the societal shifts in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic causing the adoption of video meetings to mitigate contagion fears. Dr. Johnson’s goal of this research focused on generating scientific knowledge to support recommendations regarding the ways in which employers could better care for employee energies, in which employees could better care for themselves, and in turn each other when meeting together to prevent or alleviate their exhaustion. Dr. Johnson’s experience includes over three decades of international leadership and change consulting expertise amongst a wide range of sectors and throughout a myriad of organizational levels. Her professional purpose is directed toward helping leaders generate engagement, high performance, positive relationships, and meaning for themselves and others.

Best Online MBA in Sustainability Programs 2024 Badge

MBA In Sustainability Awarded Top Honors by

Antioch University’s Master of Business Administration in Sustainability (MBA) was ranked as one of the top programs by on its list of Best Online MBA in Sustainability Degree Programs, ranking tenth in “Academic Influence” for the year 2024.

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