Dr. Maria Caban Alizondo

Alumna Shines Light on the Influence of Latinx Women’s Identities in Leadership

Dr. Maria Caban AlizondoDirector of Health Information Management Services for UCLA Health System and PhD in Leadership and Change alumna Dr. Maria Caban Alizondo has published her dissertation entitled, Dialogic Identity Construction: The Influence of Latinx Women’s Identities in their Health Information Management Practice. The study examines the experiences of Latinx women leaders in health information management in the United States and delves into the specifics of the ways in which gender, ethnicity, culture, and class influenced their leadership practices. Latinx health information management professionals are faced with ever-changing workplace dynamics and biases in which they are repeatedly reminded of their individual and ethnic differences that require them to construct and co-construct new facets to their identities in social contexts.

This new research shines a light on Latinx women while also creating awareness and discussion for all ethnic minorities who are often underrepresented and overlooked in the workplace. Dr. Caban Alizondo is an experienced leader in healthcare with decades of expertise focused on strategic organization change and leadership development of minority women specializing on the importance of understanding the intersections of diversity that includes an appreciation of the value that ethnic minorities, and in particular Latinx women bring to the workforce.