Bill Groves

Message from the Chancellor

As we wrap up a year of forward-looking changes here at Antioch, I am delighted to introduce the sixth annual Antioch Alumni Magazine, “The Future Issue.” In these pages you…

A fabric sculpture on a pedestal, showcasing a blend of various materials in an artistic form.

What’s Broken Is Still Beautiful: The Sculptures of Deborah McDuff Williams

This summer, in the center of the main gallery of the Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties in Riverside, California, there stood a giant assembled artwork: a bouquet of wood with sticks, diverse colored beads, ropes, and dowels of different sizes sticking out in all directions, all topped off by a barrel that represented the hull of a ship, filled with a few dozen dried, carefully decorated palm fronds. An intricate assemblage full of story and suffering.

Altars at Dia de Los Muertos

Antioch’s Ofrenda

Every year, in the weeks leading up to Día de Los Muertos, Gloria Molina Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles fills with altars to the dead. This year, the altars…

Alumni swim in beautiful green water

Alumni in the Galápagos

adrienne applegate The “Butterfly Tribe,” a group of Antioch alumni, posed for a photo as they snorkeled in the Galápagos islands, 560 miles west of Ecuador. They went snorkeling as…