Hope and Resilience for Parents, Children, Educators, and Psychologists

We have a couple of graduates who have also either taught for us or given guest lectures and who have been doing a lot of work with families for years in the greater Boston area. Now during the time of this pandemic, they have material to share with other psychologists, educators, parents, and the public. In fact there is good material in here for all of us to ponder and practice!!

In the spirit of a former APA President George Miller who exhorted us, in another troubled year, 1969, to “Give psychology away” I am very happy to send you Dr. Karin Hodges’ (Antioch 2009) work in the following videos/webinar and blog.

Parents, Educators, and Children Striving for Balance this Fall

Here is the blog, which has everything there, including references, etc.

Here is the first YouTube link.

Here is the thank you to the hosts and guests and the review video.

All of this is available to the public! We hope this resonates with many of you.