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GSLC Learning Community Makes an Impact at the 2023 International Leadership Association Conference

The Graduate School of Leadership and Change (GSLC) learning community was represented in full force at the 25th annual International Leadership Association Global Conference, held October 12-15th in Vancouver, Canada. This year’s theme, Cultivating Leadership for a Thriving Future, drew hundreds of attendees from all across the globe, including three GSLC faculty, sixteen students, and a dozen alumni who presented and participated in over twenty round tables, panels, workshops, plenaries, and poster sessions. The program also held a special reception welcoming over 50 attendees who gathered to connect, network, and explore GSLC offerings.

Student and Alumni Presentations

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A Conversation With ILA Lifetime Achievement Awardee Mansour Javidan”, Dr. Scott Allen

A Grassroots Leadership and Music for Social Change Primer”, Dr. Susie Erenrich

An Integrated Framework for Responsible Stakeholder Engagement, Larry Bingaman (Cohort 17) and Dr. Aqeel Tirmizi

“Best Practices to Drive Innovation, Engage Stakeholders, and Transform Organizational Leadership”, Larry Bingaman and Dr. Tayo Switzer

“Book Buzz! Leadership Authors Share Wisdom From Their Latest Books VII”, Drs. Scott Allen and Kim Yost

Collective Consciousness: Awareness of Our Becoming, Dr. Lemuel Watson

Four people standing together in an office building, engaged in a conversation and collaborating on a project.

Collaborative Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship a Professional Path for Women, Cyndi Mako Robinson (Cohort 19)

Courageous Companions: Followership in Doctor Who, Dr. Kim Yost

Cultivating as We Climb: Generative Leadership, Epistemic Liberation, and Legacy-Building Praxis, Drs. Lize Booysen, Atim George, Marion McGee, Sharon Wamble-King, LaTanya White

Cultivating Leaders Through Critical Leadership, Service-Learning, the 17 UN SDGs, and the Okanagan Charter, Dr. Holly Diaz

Deepening Our Understanding of Women’s View of Success, Cyndi Mako Robinson (Cohort 19)

Exploring Emerging and Non-Western Concepts of Leadership at the Spiritual Edge, Drs. Lisa Berkley, Stacey Guenther, Maxinne Leighton, Mohammed Raei, Aqeel Tirmizi, and Lemuel Watson

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Holding Space — Facing Our Fears: Generative Mindfulness, Dialogue, and Inclusion”, Dr. Lemuel Watson

How We Cue Inclusivity: Creating a Culture of Belonging, Dr. LauraLynn Jansen

How Women Apply Authentic Leadership in Their Collaborative Style to Build Productive Social Enterprises, Cyndi Mako Robinson (Cohort 19)

Identity Transformation Post Abuse: From Victim to Survivor to Thriver, Kader Gumus (Cohort 17)

“Inclusive Leadership: Equity and Belonging in Our Communities”, Dr. Rosalind Cohen

Intersectional Insights From First and/or Only Black Women Leaders in Large Corporations, Dr. Pamela Viscione

Leadership Through and After Defeat: A Multi-Dimensional Exploration — Socio-Political Approaches, Dr. Kate O’Neill

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Leading for Cultivating and Dwelling in Peace for a Thriving Future, Dr. Lemuel Watson

Longing for Belonging: Cultivating Inclusive Practices and Supportive Leadership Frameworks, Dr. Carolyn Morales

Reconciliation and Healing: Insights for Thriving From South Africa and Canada, Renee Bradford (Cohort 17)

The Art of Acknowledging, an Essential Leadership Skill, Cyndi Mako Robinson (Cohort 19), Dr. LauraLynn Jansen, Ileya Grosman(Cohort 19)

The Pathology of Ideology: Authoritarian Leadership in Science Fiction Film, Dr. Kim Yost

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Trying to Deliver Corporate Change? Care for the Frontline Leaders, Dr. Bonnie Curtis

What Do We Know About Leader Identity Development in Girls and Young Women?, Dr. Amy Rutstein-Riley

Wisdom and Wise Leadership Through the Eyes of Elder Women, Dr. Amy Rutstein-Riley