GSLC 2023 graduates smiling and posing for a photo in front of a tree on their special day of accomplishment.

Commencement 2023

The Graduate School of Leadership and Change faculty, staff, students, and friends gathered to celebrate the Class of 2023 and to welcome these new graduates into our alumni community!

Sarah R. Villarreal 

A Narrative Inquiry of Latinx Undergraduates’ Participation in High-impact Educational Practices 

Two people in graduation robes smiling and holding a smartphone, capturing a joyful selfie.

Pamela J. Viscione 

Exploring the Career Advancement Experience of Black Women on  Their Journey to Executive Levels in Large American Corporations 

Félix José Alonso 

Education for Citizenship: A Study of the Effects of Co-Curricular  Student Philanthropy Education on Prosocial Behavior 

Lisa Marie Gick 

Theoretical Modeling for Curious Leadership and Instrument Development and Validation for Measuring Curious Leader Capacity 

Kelly Bleach 

Click-enter-send: The Relationship Experiences of People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired in Text-based Workspaces 

Paula C. Lowe 

A man and woman in graduation robes smiling for a photo, celebrating their academic achievement.

Mind Wandering in Daily Life: A National Experience Sampling Study of Intentional  and Unintentional Mind Wandering Episodes Reported by Working Adults Ages 25-50 

Angela R. Wellman 

Exploring Supervisory Needs of First-Generation Professionals Working in Higher Education 

Jane Feinberg 

Being-And-Becoming Across Difference: A Grounded Theory Study of Exemplary White Teachers In Racially Diverse Classrooms 

Christopher James 

Narrative-Driven Educational Practice: Guiding Principles for Academic Success of Black and Latinx Male Collegians 

Stephanie Fox 

What Does It Look Like for Mental Healthcare Organizations to Be Healthy Places to Work?:  An Action Research Study 

Katherine Penn Lampley 

Experiencing Workplace Inclusion: Critical Incidents That Create a Sense Of Inclusion For Professional Staff In Higher Education

Instructors and graduates smiling and posing for a photo in their graduation robes.

Sharon Wamble-King 

Empowered Presence: Theorizing an Afrocentric Performance of Leadership by African American Women 

Kathryn Floyd Eggert 

Counselors’ Lived Experience Treating Patients Utilizing Methadone: The Intersection of Culture, Policy, and Stigma 

Elana Micahl Haviv 

Learning From the Courageous Actions of War and Post-War Time Teachers: A Bricolage Of Bosnian Educators 

Christina Wild 

Teaching Without Walls: A Portraiture Study of Nature-Based Educators in Duluth, Minnesota 

Trisha A. Swed 

Towards an Ecosystem of Youth Leadership Development 

Taran Cardone 

Once More, With Feeling: Partnering with Learners to Re-See 

The College Experience Through Metaphor and Sensory Language 

Chanté Meadows 

Black Mental Health Clinicians’ Experiences and Lessons from the Intersecting Crises of  Black Mental Health, Covid-19, and Racial Trauma: An Interpretive Phenomenological Study 

Heidi Sampson 

An Internal and External Contextual Autoethnography of a Single Mother’s Experience  as it Intersects with Misogyny, Patriarchy, and Hegemonic Masculinity 

William Keating 

A Case Study on Factors Influencing Retention of Mental Health Clinicians  in a New Hampshire Community Mental Health Center 

Alex Zayas 

From a Boy to a Leader  

Naomi Docilait 

Navigating Opportunities to Improve Youth Outcomes in a Least Developed Country:  An Action Research Study for Sustainable Development  

Anya Piotrowski 

Landscaping Wellness at Work: A Participatory Model for Worker-Centered Health

GSLC 2023 graduates smiling and posing for a photo in front of a tree on their special day of accomplishment.