Kamiesha Vann

Dissertation Watch: Cultivating Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Educators

Kameisha Vann, a 2024 graduate of Antioch’s EdD in Educational and Professional Practice recently published her dissertation titled, Cultivating Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Educators: An Examination of Practices, Perspectives, and Reform Efforts.

Using a focus group, Vann’s study followed five early childhood education experts as they worked to answer a number of questions involving the status of culturally responsive sustaining education in early learning modules and the benefit of it in pre-service teaching. Her dissertation reports on the development and implementation of a pre-pilot for early childhood pre-service teachers based on seven specified learning modules on Culturally Responsive Anti-Bias Education. In accordance with Pennsylvania’s Regulations, Professional Learning Standards, and Quality Rating Improvement Systems, the learning modules were designed to prepare pre-service teachers to teach diverse populations of students. 

With implications for higher education, research plays a role in supporting pre-service teachers through coursework and field experience. The topics of the learning modules are Demographics: There’s a Shift in Education, Preparing Pre-service Teachers Through The Course Catalog, Introduction To Culturally Responsive Anti-Bias Education, Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Early Years, Anti-Bias Framework: The Four Core Goals of Anti-Bias Education, Getting to Know Students, Families, and Communities, Historical Context of Educating Black Children, Representations in Curriculum, Lessons, and Activities, Authentic Assessments: Observation, Documentation, Presentation and Reflection, Culturally Responsive Teacher Preparation Programs and Field Experiences, and Moving Beyond Awareness. 

With over two decades of experience in early childhood education, Vann is a dedicated professional committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in educational settings. Vann has served in various capacities, including infant early childhood mental health consultant, adjunct professor, and director of childcare centers. Vann’s expertise spans curriculum development, teacher training, and community engagement, with a particular emphasis on advocating for inclusive educational practices.