Current Students: Zoom Accounts

As you are all aware, as part of our response to the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff, Antioch University is shifting to web-based courses for classes that would normally be offered on campus. Faculty are currently working with the University Academic Technology Team to migrate their courses to Zoom delivery with support from Sakai, our online Learning Management System. In general, what you would have done in the physical classroom will take place on Zoom, our web conferencing platform. Any materials that would have been distributed at class meetings will be uploaded to Sakai for your access. We will also utilize Sakai to enable you to submit assignments and receive feedback from your instructors.

In order for students to have real-time conversations outside of class time, all students now have a Zoom License account. You will be able to have your own web-conferencing meetings with each other with or without instructor participation.

To set up your Zoom account, please log in to AUDirect. If you already have an Antioch Zoom account, it has been upgraded and you will need to activate it through AUDirect.

Click here to open AUDirect. Enter your Antioch ID and password. Your AUDirect dashboard has been upgraded to include your schedule and direct access to your course Sakai sites once they are published by your instructor. The dashboard can also be customized in a number of ways. I encourage you to explore the AUDirect tutorials on your dashboard to learn more about this tool.

Once you have logged in to AUDirect and acknowledged the Use of Electronic Resources Policy and the General Guidelines for Audio/Video Recording, your Zoom account will be activated and you will receive an invitation in your email. Click on the link in the invitation and follow directions to sign up for your Zoom account. Once you are on the Antioch Zoom page you can follow the sign-in process beginning at Step 2 in the Zoom Account Setup document.

Each campus has identified a group of faculty and staff who will be your student technology support team. If you have any questions about Zoom or Sakai, please contact the team on your campus (see below for contacts).

To get you started, check out the following:

These new student Zoom accounts will open up avenues of interaction and will help keep our community connected during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. However, this new capability comes with responsibilities. Please review the attached Use of Electronic Resources Policy and General Guidelines for Audio/Video Recording that provide important guidance for use of our new communication tool.

We know that the massive local, national, and global responses to the CORVID-19 pandemic have been a huge disruption in all our daily lives. But the Antioch University community will work through this together and support each other wherever we can. Stay safe and be vigilant

AU Santa Barbara

  • Lindsay Crissman, Program Coordinator II, MBA, [email protected], 805-962-8179 x 5171
  • Stephanie Holland, Senior Program Coordinator, PsyD, [email protected], 805-962-8179 x 5160
  • Ariella Lassiter, Program Coordinator II, MA Psychology, [email protected], 805-962-8179 x 5326
  • Susan Gentile, Program Coordinator, Undergraduate, [email protected], 805-962-8179 x 5178

AU Los Angeles

  • The CSC Virtual Front Desk will be available beginning Monday, March 23rd, and it’s hours of operation are:
    • 8am-10pm M-F
    • 8am-6pm Sa-Su
  • The link to enter is:

AU Seattle

AU New England

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