Days of Reform Panel

Days Of Dialogue On Criminal Justice Reform Panel

Days of Reform PanelAntioch University Los Angeles hosted “CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM: Bridging our Perspectives for a more Peace-Able World” on its campus on Feb 8, 2020. The panel discussion was presented by Mediators Beyond Borders International LA, Days of Dialogue, and the U.N. Association of the Inland Empire. Perspectives from policymakers, stakeholder organizations, law enforcement, and people whose lived experiences drive the work that they do, all built the basis for the informed and engaging dialogue that followed the panel discussion.

The Panelists included: Lisa Broderick, Executive Director of Police2Peace; Jabari Boyd, a formerly incarcerated youth, community counselor; Jessica J. Ellis, Director of Centinela Youth Services; Kenneth Jones, Executive Director of P.C.I.; Lieutenant Curtis G. McIntyre, Ed. D. of the Los Angeles Police Department; and Joseph J. Paul Jr., Managing Director of the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership.

Days of Reform EventThe panel was followed by small group facilitated dialogues and community harvesting with the more than 70 attendees. The groups explored three questions:

  1. What personal experience have you had with the criminal justice system and/or why is the topic important to you?
  2. What have you heard from the panel today that has moved, empowered, or surprised you about the criminal justice system and why?
  3. If you could implement a program or policy that would improve the Criminal Justice System, what would it be?

“We had a terrific experience working with Antioch Univesity to produce this day of dialogue on Criminal Justice Reform,” said Jill Frank, MBA, Senior Project Director, Days of Dialogue. “The seriousness of the attendees, and the venue itself, created a powerful and productive energy.”