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Shaping Organizational Culture to Drive Conservation Success

Driving Conservation Success Through Organizational Culture in Zoos and Aquariums: A Conservation Psychology Webinar

This webinar hosted by Antioch University’s Conservation Psychology Institute presents the findings of the 2020 AZA Baseline Study on “Conservation Culture“.

The goal of this study was to create an environment in zoos and aquariums where “conservation is a cultural norm across AZA and within member zoos and aquariums Conservation culture…defined as integrating the conservation mission into every aspect of the organization’s operation becomes everyone’s job where conservation.”

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Culture? What culture? We Have a Culture?

Several years ago the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) identified “conservation culture” as an area of focus. This is defined as integrating the conservation mission into every aspect of the organization’s operation, with intended effects including improvements in employee engagement, increased conservation action on the part of both employees and guests, and increased conservation-related philanthropy. Efforts are now underway to pilot test an approach to assisting zoos and aquariums in this effort. In 2020, the AZA commissioned a baseline study of its members, with the intent to re-survey members following the implementation of this pilot test and eventual Association-wide effort, with Antioch University’s Conservation Psychology program as a key partner in this effort.

In this webinar, we will share the findings of the 2020 AZA Baseline Study on “Conservation Culture,” the details of the ongoing pilot test and overall programmatic plan as well as the long-term measures of success.

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Presenter: Jackie Ogden, PhD Founder, and Principal, Natural Leadership LLC Retired, Vice President, Animals, Science and Environment, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.


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