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S5 E6: To Build a Better World, Business Leaders First Have to Envision It 

As economic, environmental, and social crises accelerate, business must evolve. But how? Kenneth Baker, the co-founder, and chair of Antioch University’s MBA, has some ideas. In this conversation with guest host Jane Paul, he talks about the necessity of innovation and change for sustainability and social justice—and how a rising tide of crisis is being met by a new generation of business leaders who seek to address these issues at all scales.

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The Fulfilling Work of Fundraising for Nonprofits

Ryan Gallagher loves to talk about raising money for cancer research and treatment. Sure, it’s his job, but in everything he says, you can hear his passion for supporting this life-saving work. He brings this heart and hard work to everything he does in the world, including advocating for LGBTQIA+ issues and currently studying sustainable business as a student at Antioch University’s Master of Business Administration. 

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Navigating Business and Social Justice

How Antioch University’s Master of Business Administration Program is Leading the Way As a business professional, you may have noticed the increasing importance of social and environmental responsibility in business….