Jesse Lore

A Versatile Addition to Your Professional Toolkit: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Antioch University Online alumni, Jesse Lore talks about the online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program and its accessibility, and manageable course of study, that ties to the greater trends in the world, it’s an incredible thing to add to anyone’s toolkit.

I could not have possibly anticipated how relevant my course of studies at the Antioch program has been to my professional career. They gave me the inspiration to start thinking more broadly about our organization, what our purpose was, and how that purpose could apply greater in society. What that led me to was a series of innovations and understandings of our organizational capabilities that I was able to bring to our executive leadership team and help us start to explore new avenues about how we could be more sustainable as an organization.

This Antioch program is so poignant, given what’s happening right now. And all of the coursework is truly based on the latest scholarship from leaders in business, with case studies of the businesses that are having the most success, as well as some of the companies that are struggling to have success in this new paradigm.

With an accessible, enjoyable, fast-paced, yet manageable course of study, that ties to the greater trends in the world, it’s an incredible thing to add to anyone’s toolkit.

And, quite frankly, it’s what the world needs right now is more leaders in business that are truly in tune with where we are going, so that we can help bring about a more sustainable planet and society for everybody.

About the Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

Be a catalyst for change.

Antioch University’s online Master of Business Administration (MBA) prepares you to thrive in a dynamic, diverse, and innovative world where business acumen, leadership ability, and practical application are critically important – and marketable – skills. Antioch’s MBA features the mutual importance of people, planet, and profit in building and leading successful organizations and communities in the 21st century often referred to as the triple bottom line approach.

Learn more about our amazing Online MBA program and how we can help you reach your goals.

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